Looking at Clinical Services for Older People

A national audit is to take place in Scotland of clinical services for older people. The Scottish Care of Older People (SCoOP) audit will be the first to look at specialist care provision and delivery for older people.

Led by the University of Aberdeen the review will play an important role in improving patient safety, quality and standard of care.

 Professor Phyo Myint, co-Chair of the SCoOP steering group, from the University of Aberdeen said:

“The scope of this study has been drawn up carefully to ensure it is feasible to gather a meaningful amount of data without over-reaching.”

Dr Graham Ellis the National Clinical Lead for Older People in Scotland (Health Improvement Scotland) said:

“Audits such as this play a key role in demonstrating the variation in services across the country. This helps to ensure there is no ‘postcode lottery’ when it comes to the care a person receives. Health and Social Care partnerships across Scotland are responsible for delivering standardised care which are shown to be linked to optimal outcomes for patients. This has reduced the variation in care and differences in outcomes observed previously.”


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