Portsoy & Beyond Day 2

Sunday October 1st.

We were a bit slow off the mark today after the excitement of yesterdays adventures so we thought we would stay close to base, so we set out to see where we had actually chosen as our holiday destination Portsoy. Portsoy whose name comes from the Gaelic name Port Saoidh meaning “Saithe Harbour,” (which for people like me who did not know, Saithe is a fish), is situated on The Moray Firth.

Portsoy harbour

Portsoy Old Harbour © Anne Burgess Geographic

Portsoy has two harbours the Old of which dates back to to the 17th century is the oldest harbour on the Moray Firth. The New harbour was built in 1825 for the every increasing Herring industry which in it’s heh day reached almost 60 vessels. The harbour is down at the bottom of a bit of a slope so a car or a fit body is an asset.

We drove on to Findlater Castle and Dovecot but decided to adventure here another day, just Ken and I.

I have a strange aversion to journeying back the exact same route we came on, so with me saying this way and with no idea where we were heading, this way we went, much applause must be given to the extremely patient man who is my hubby, (gawd help him if we ever do manage the dream of our own motor home) we stumbled upon what can only be described as a previously unknown, to us anyways, jewel in Scotland’s crown. Sandend.

Sandend is nestled in between Portsoy and Findlater Castle and in my opinion is just everything you’d expect a fishing village to be, quaint yet practical with all their cable ends facing onto the sea, a delight to behold and well worthy of a future visit with Bandit in tow. Like Portsoy, Sandend dates back to the 17th century and is one of the earliest fishing villages in the area.

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The houses are all nestled around the tiny harbour which dates back to the 19th century. It has a fantastic curved beach and has become an extremely popular haunt for surfers who have likened it to Cornwall but without the crowds.

Off home for roast pork, now that a healthy appetite has been encouraged. No doubt Mum shall also have some roasting to do do of her own, namely her tootsies in front of the grand log fire, a must on cool Autumnal nights.

Until next time……

Reporter Helen Armet

Photographer Kenny Armet



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