SSEN Public Consultation Events

SSEN  are proposing to provide a new connection from a central point within Orkney  in order to maximise opportunity for generators to connect to the transmission network.SSEN

The new link would provide an additional 180MW of capacity. The main elements of the projects are:

  • A new substation at Finstown;
  • An underground cable linking Finstown substation to a cable landing site west of Stromness;
  • A marine cable linking Mainland Orkney and the Scottish Mainland;
  • A new cable route between the Dounreay marine cable landing point and the new substation at Dounreay; and
  • Construction of a new substation at Dounreay.

There is currently no transmission infrastructure on Orkney. The electricity network on Orkney is connected via two distribution subsea cables between Rackwick Bay on Hoy, and Murkle Bay near Thurso. These cables were installed in 1982 and 1998 with a total import/export capacity of 40MW. Demand on the islands varies between 7MW in summer and 46MW in winter. The current connected embedded generation in Orkney exceeds the capacity of the existing 33kV cables and no further generation can connect to the system at this time.

 At present, the current level of contracted generation between National Grid (the system operator) and developers is for a minimum of 180MW of new generation by 2022. To connect this level of generation, a transmission connection is needed between Orkney and Caithness.

To find out more the public events will be informal and you can visit anytime between the hours listed.

opinionStromness Community Centre

Wednesday 22 November, 2pm – 7pm

 Firth Community Centre, Finstown

Thursday 23 November, 2pm – 7pm

 Kirkwall and St Ola Community Centre

Friday 24 November, 2pm – 7pm

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