Eating Disorders Support Group

A new support group has been set up by Orkney Minds. The group aims to offer support to anyone who struggles to manage their relationship with food or who is a friend, relative or partner of someone who does.
Kiersty Tams-Gray explained:
“The support group was initially set up at the beginning of the summer by Orkney Minds. They recognised that there is a growing number of folk in Orkney who are struggling with eating disorders and that there is a need for a support group for these people and for the friends and families of those affected.
“We have only met a handful of times so far and would very much like to encourage more people to join us. We are a very welcoming and informal group, providing a safe space for people to share their experiences and to support each other.
“We have plans to invite a speaker from the Eden Unit in Aberdeen at some point within the next year, and also hope to formulate a way to better support people experiencing eating disorders and disordered eating in Orkney.
“We aim to meet every 4 to 5 weeks and as the group is still very much in its infancy, we are planning to tailor it to the needs of the people involved, so would encourage more people to come along and help us to make this support group something that will benefit all group members.
” I am a concerned parent and have so often felt at my whits end while trying to help and support my child yet feeling the need for support myself. This group has provided an opportuntiy for me to talk with other parents who have experienced similar issues and struggles, as well as a chance for my daughter to talk with young people at various stages of recovery. It has already offered hope and support for both of us.
For more information :
Orkney Minds


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