Discovering Ancient People: Skara Brae

Charleen Anna Louise

Charleen Anna Louise

A Reader’s experience of her first visit to Orkney

by Charleen Anna Louise

We found a lovely spot to camp by the sea and headed back for the night………..

Monday morning we woke up to extreme winds! And I really do mean extreme. We could not leave our van so we decided to stay inside where it was safe and just rest. Not the easiest thing to do to stay inside a small van with no windows all day and all night with just a mad dash for the loo when needed.

I didn’t waste my day. I spent my time reading and then went to sleep around 8pm praying that Tuesday  would be better  which it was. The wind was still up but not as powerful so we headed off to another tomb which was called TOMB OF THE OTTERS 5500 years old. This tomb was not excavated and still held the bodies of over 200 humans which included adults children and babies. I am beginning to understand now just how much these people 5000 years ago truly understood about spirit and how important it was to make sure the soul crossed into the light . We have no photos of this tomb out of respect .

After leaving this tomb we then drove to SKARA BRAE which is a Neolithic village on Mainland.

Skara Brae

Skara Brae (F Grahame)

This village is 5000 years old. This was set right next to the sea and was just stunning. My first thought was how they lived so close together and how cosy their homes were. Each home had beds and a dog bed! A fire pit in the middle and storage space and a dresser all made out of stone. This was the new stone age. Everything that these people made was from stone, bones and animal furs. They hadn’t discovered metals yet. I actually felt at home here and could easily set up camp in one of these homes. I just felt although I was between worlds I could see the people ,the fires ,hear the drums, laughter and feel the love of community. Something we have lost!

After spending time in the 5000 year old village we walked around a nearby house called the  Skaill House .

Skaill House F Grahane

Skaill House (F Grahame)

The house belonged to the owner of the land where they found the Neolithic village . I have to be very honest with you and tell you that walking around this house left me feeling flat! Every room I entered I felt unsettled. Why?  Because this house was filled with people who were ruled by ego ‘greed’ pain’ these were not spiritual people in the sense that I am or the people 5000 years ago were.


Yesnaby (Charleen Anna Louise)

We finished our wonderful day by spending time in a place called Yesnaby which was by the sea cliffs with stunning views out to the ocean.


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