Orkney Schools Closed

cloud-blowing-wind-vector-filesAll schools in Orkney are closed.

Temporary flood prevention equipment has been deployed in St Margaret’s Hope.

Isles residents are advised that in the event of disruption to landline and mobile phone services, communication links with the Orkney Mainland will be set up at local fire stations.

Chief Inspector Webb said

: “With strong winds, there is always the possibility that some homes may be affected by a loss of power. In those circumstances, we would ask friends, family and neighbours to keep an eye on people who may be experiencing problems as a result.

“We would ask that people ensure that anything that could be blown about is safely stowed away or tied down – strips of plastic or polythene, for instance, can cause power cuts if they get wrapped around power lines.”

Weather and transport updates are available on the OIC Updates Facebook page and on the @OrkneyCouncil and @OrkneyPolice Twitter feeds.

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