Swanbister Stranded Seal

By Nick Morrison

A stranded seal pup was found on a Swanbister Bay beach by a dog walker. She reported it to Marc Herridge of British Divers Marine Life Rescue. He came and inspected the pup. He said the pup was of good weight  did not appear to have been injured and very  lively during examination. Further, an adult seal was observed swimming close to the pup. assumed to be the mother. Marc came back for a re inspection later the day and the pup with the attendant adult seal had gone which is exactly the right result, there being a seal pod close by.

seal rescue

Photo N Morrison

Marc stressed that members of the Public should not attempt to touch apparently stranded seals as they have ” a really nasty bite”. They should, as happened in this instance call:
07999 463 975, or 01856 811206.
He does not care how many “false alarms” (as this thankfully turned out to be) that he attends.

When calling as well as the noting the place, the state of the tide is useful to him and his colleagues.

Marc Herridge B

Marc Herridge Marine Medic of BDMLR

Find out more about the work Marc Herridge does: Marc Herridge: Marine Medic

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