Concern Continues Over Decline in Harbour Seals

Harbour Seal Numbers have continued to decline in Orkney and in other parts of Scotland.

Since 2000 harbour seal numbers have declined by around 95% in the Tay estuary (East Coast), by approximately 75% in Orkney and by around 30% in Shetland. They have remained stable on the West Coast and in the Western Isles. Harbour Seal Decline Project

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Funded by the Scottish Government the Harbour Seal Decline Project is researching the causes for the decline and the changes in population numbers elsewhere.

Increasing amounts of plastic in our oceans may be a factor.

The harbour seal (Phoca vitulina), also known as common seal has a mottled coat with each seal having a unique pattern. The pups are born in the summer months of June/July.

Download the leaflet to help you to identify them.Identifying-Seals-Leaflet

Harbour seal

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