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  1. Calling Martyn Fisher! Calling Martyn Fisher! I’ve just read your comment on TON Facebook page, re. this stone. I don’t do Facebook – don’t intend to – which can be a bit problematical when I want to answer someone! So…I’m hoping that either you also look at the actual Orkney News page, or that maybe Fiona (G) will place this on the Facebook thing for me? Anyhoo – here it is…something I sent to the patient Mr. Card, a while ago. It chimes with what you say……………I hope you get to read it!
    ( The Facebook page I refer to here, is the American Friends of Brodgar page – they may have changed their heading picture, by now).

    “But…..one thing I saw on that Facebook page, which I hadn’t been aware of, was the little mounds in the painting of the Watchstone, looking toward Brodgar. For one thing, seeing that the mound which is now so prosaically called ‘Trench T’ was so big – until it was flattened – that’s interesting, but also the little mounds along from the Watchstone.
    I’ve long been intrigued by the little spit of land there. I know it probably wasn’t a spit of land, when the lake was lower, but it is a spit of land now, and when you walk out on it, gives a great ‘view’ of Brodgar and the whole she-bang. I like to walk out on it, and stand and look about me. The only thing I’ve found there is a little rubber ball on a bit of metal, which I think is something to do with fishing. I brought it home anyway, as a link with the place.
    If anything, I see a twin to the Watchstone, and the idea was to look through the gap, at the whole Brodgar ……business.
    It really does give a great perspective, a great frame to the place.
    As you can see, this is what I’ve found of most interest on that Facebook page, and I now want to go back to the little spit of land again, and look again, with the idea in mind that there was another stone, and that the space between the stones may have directed the line of vision, and of thought, to the whole big rise in the land which holds the Brodgar……doings.
    Just some thoughts.
    I’m now intrigued by the idea of another stone. I don’t see why the two little mounds though? Unless they’re simply the earth left by the disturbance of the work being done, which uncovered the stump of the second stone in the first place? A great thing to have found out about though.
    Have you ever walked out onto that spit of land – you probably have. I like it, and have always hoped to find something marvellous there. You never know…….”

    I’ve given the game away a bit, re. the name of the stone, but…weeeeeeell.

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