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Helen’s Home Cooking and all the recipe pages in The Orkney News aim to support people and families who want to produce home cooked affordable meals which are healthy and tasty.

Eat Better Feel BetterThe Eat Better Feel Better website includes a host of materials, recipes and ideas on how you can eat better and save money.

The Orkney News also regularly shares on its social media sites videos like this one from the Energy Saving Trust:

Watch: Helping Scottish employees cut food waste and save money

Food Prevention Week is taking place in Orkney from 22nd – 25th of January and there are several events, workshops and training that businesses and members of the public can sign up for.

You can find out more about reducing food waste here in our article Orkney Food Waste Prevention Week

The events are  part of a nationwide drive to reduce food waste, and involves Orkney Islands Council, Orkney Zero Waste and Orkney Food & Drink. Zero Waste Scotland’s Resource Efficiency Programme is funded by the Scottish Government and European Regional Development Fund. It has helped organisations in Orkney to identify over £230,000 worth of savings by reducing waste and cutting energy and water bills.

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland, said:

food waste“We are delighted to bring the Food Waste Prevention Roadshow to Orkney to help local businesses cut the cost of waste, while doing their bit for the environment. Food waste can have a big cost for businesses, but with research suggesting that up to 75% of this could be avoided, handling food more efficiently can unlock big savings.

“For Orkney businesses that have done all they can to prevent food waste, we’re particularly excited to be able to introduce the opportunity of redistributing surplus, edible food to those who can use it. Using the OLIO app is a great way of linking those that can donate surplus food with those that have a need for it.”

Information website: Orkney Food Waste Prevention Week

GS-PieChart-430x450v2 Food waste

Top five foods we waste by weight (Greener Scotland)


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