Orkney Fisheries Industry Benefits from Latest Round of Awards

crabSeveral Orkney businesses involved in fisheries are to benefit from the latest round of awards from the European and Maritime Fisheries Fund and the Scottish Government.

Orkney Sustainable Fisheries Ltd  a collaborative project with the aim of improving data for the managing of crab stocks: £24,310 (£18,232 EMFF/£6,078 ScotGov).

Orkney Fisheries Association, Stronsay Cold Storage Facility: £20,678.20 ( £15,508.65 EMFF/ £5,169.55 Scot Gov)

Orkney Oysters:£17,554.61 (£13,165.95 EMFF/ £4,388.66 Scot Gov)

Safety Equipment:individual £703.20 (£527.40 EMFF/ £175.80 Scot Gov)

Vessel safety:individual  £703.20 (£527.40 EMFF/ £175.80 Scot Gov)

Also of interest to Orkney News readers is an award to Scottish Natural Heritage for research to understand and reduce animal entanglement in Scottish waters: £125,758.42 (£94,318.81 EMFF/ £29,439.61 Scot Gov.

In total £4.8million has been awarded across Scotland to 43 projects.

Stewart Crichton, chairman, Orkney Sustainable Fisheries Ltd said:

“We are delighted to receive this funding through EMFF and the Scottish Government.

“Understanding the movement and nature of the brown crabs in our fishery is vital to improving our understanding so we can maximise revenue while ensuring future sustainability of stocks.  This may become even more important when we look at how Scotland manages previous “non-quota” species in the post-Brexit period.

“We hope the collaborative approach with regional Inshore Fisheries Groups working together will be a blue-print for future research.”

Fergus  Ewing, Fisheries Minister in the Scottish Government said:

Fergus Ewing

Photo Scot Gov

“Our maritime economy plays a crucial role in supporting communities across the country, which is why continued investment is important.

“The support of this fund will help processing businesses expand and enhance their work. I’m particularly delighted to see a number of grants going to fishermen to help make their day–to-day routines easier and safer and to improve the quality of their produce.

“Investment in fisheries, aquaculture and processors is crucial to support our ambitions to double the value of the food and drink industry.”

The full set of awards can be viewed and downloaded .00531290

Reporter: Fiona Grahame


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