“Green Hair” (2)

A quick recap, I’m going green, well at least my hair is, which means I am no longer washing my hair, you can read the first installment here

So here I am entering into my third week, at least that’s what I’m telling myself as it has now been 14 days, but saying the above makes the end seem closer, well that’s my logic anyroads.

Firstly can I thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement and support and for the one or two of you that are joining in, you know who you are.

So what has happened this week: well firstly I have had to go to a meeting and a car boot sale, unremarkable perhaps in themselves but with manky hair Argh…. so here comes the hair scarf trials, suffice to say from the photos, I don’t think so.

Cross my palm with silver springs to mind, so nothing would do but back up in the old reliable pigtail and off I went, nobody seemed to notice or perhaps they were just too polite to comment. Phew, I seemed to have managed those.

My feelings of reassurance did not last long however as I was asked on Wednesday if I would be interested in doing a recipe video for Truly Scottish TV well I jumped at the chance and accepted, then my next Argh moment happened and this one really did stop me in my tracks, Telly…… TV…… Dirty Manky Hair…….. Arghhhhhhhhh, but I’d said yes and being what I hope is a kinda reliable person, on Sunday afternoon I did a, shoulders back, deep breath and got on with it. I made bread and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, so a watch this space moment as more may be in the pipeline.

For those interested here is the one I did yesterday.  Making Bread

So that’s me, I’ve survived another week and although I know I can wash in warm water today, well so far it’s not yet itchy so I shall see just how long I can go before I give in and open my head up to the luxury of warm water.

So until next week here’s what it looked like on Sunday.



Reporter Helen Armet

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  1. Hi Helen
    I had a go at watching your film, but our Internet connection is very bad, and it takes ages to down-load – and I mean ages – the little circle just keeps going roundandroundandround. Anyway – point is – from what I could see, your hair looks fine. I do wonder what it feels like? I once left my hair for 3 weeks when I was on holiday somewhere where water was at a premium, and washing hair wasn’t easy, and it felt horrible! Itchy, scratchy, like I had a dirty mop on my head! It might depend on what kind of hair you have.
    It looks fine though, Helen.
    I will also add, that, in your original piece, with the pic of your newly washed hair – you do have lovely hair!
    Have you considered using natural hair cleansers?
    An interesting experiment.

    • This is very true Bernie, green hair I can do without, now purple on the other hand….. Thank you for it the suggesting of natural cleansers, I shall keep them in mind for if I succumb. You asked about my hair texcute, lank and dead are the expressions that jump to mind currently, thank goodness it’s long and can get pulled back. I think I shall soon be able to integrate my green hair and cooking, get myself an oil press and off we go 😉

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