“Green” Hair

I know they say not to rush into things, but I think even I’ve taken the biscuit over my latest decision. Around thirty years ago I watched a lady talk about stopping washing her hair and I’ve toyed with the idea ever since.

We all know ladies, lady bits self clean and hair is apparently the exact same when left alone. The process should take around six to eight weeks, so I thought it would be an idea for me to be the guinea pig and log the progress on a weekly basis, highlighting the actual progress as it happens, with the eventual outcome being a bit of a mystery.

Helen's hair.

Hair just washed

So why now: Well like I said I’ve always fancied trying this and now has become pertinent as we are becoming more and more aware of the damage that chemicals and plastics do, not just to our hair but to the environment as well, and although I have a septic tank, the information available around Nurdles entering the waterways and oceans and ending up in our food chain is so shocking that is has been enough to give me the push.I was lucky enough to stumble across someone on twitter who was kind enough to guide me through a couple of things which had always stopped me in the past.



  1. Can you  still get your hair wet?
  2. Can you still go swimming in the pool?
  3. Can you go in the sea?
  4. How do you actually clean your hair.

The answer to all of the above is with water, just plain bog standard water to get rid of the salt and the chlorine, and when it comes to cleaning your hair of everyday grit and grime, then you just use warm water, stimulating the scalp as you clean out the excess dirt. Another important fact to note is to regularly brush your hair, as this encourages the natural oils and will prevent your hair becoming dreadlocks.

I’ve been told you can wean yourself of the products initially, but heh, if your going to get it over and done with, cold turkey is the method for me. I’ve to try and go two weeks without even wetting my hair, so at one week in and pigtails galore,

Helen's hair

here goes and watch this space for my weekly catch ups. So far not much to report other than my hair is starting to look quite dirty.

Oh and I’ve also been warned that my poker straight hair may in fact be wavy, this small fact in itself is beyond exciting, so roll on potential wavy hair.

We covered the subject of Nurdles in a previous article which you can read about here Nurdles 

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    • My Mum is having a hairy as it is without me rocking up with dreads lol. Didn’t appreciate that slap bang in the middle (greasiest state) I’m going South, so no doubt Mum shall have stern words anyways. Part of the reason I chose to share it was to stop me giving in, so thanks, all support is appreciated.

  1. My daughter wanted green hair once though I suspect she didn’t mean this way! Really interesting to see the results..trendsetter!!

    • I think it may have been easier to use the bottle of turquoise dye in the cupboard right enough, on day 11/12 now.

  2. I’ve thought of doing this too over the years.
    I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes long term.
    Go Helen!!! X

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