“Green” Hair (3)

Sunday 25th February:  Well that’s me successfully made it through my third week, twenty days since my head last felt the glory of warm water on it and it’s really quite peculiar in so far as there is still no itching, however it is now at the point of grease that I think I could invest in an oil press and create my very own virgin hair oil, yuck on more than one level.

Thank goodness it is long and can be smoothed back into a plaited ponytail hiding the worst of it and continuing to look shiny on top, with the added bonus that most people don’t appear to realise that it is in fact an eco crisis oil slick. I have not even let my husband Kenny see it down, but I released it from it’s binds to enable the following two photos to be taken and that shine really and truly is grease.


Monday however I got up to “scurf”. Scurf was a word a lady that has previously gone through the green hair process used to describe week four to me. At the time I had no idea what she was referring to until this morning and the layer of scurf on my scalp spoke for itself, one week early but the scurf had arrived, so for the interests of the people following this experiment, you understand, I have washed my hair. Well when I say I’ve washed it, nothing other than warm water has touched my scalp and tresses and I must say how surprised I am with the result, my hair is most definitely not clean, not by the standards that we would usually think of but neither is it dirty, so much so that I think I can see how this is going to actually work. These photos were taken yesterday after my hair dried and although my hair may not be really wavy, neither is it poker straight as it normally was, how bizarre.


The same lady that told me about scurf also told of her two Grannies who kept their hair in chignons during the day and how her paternal granny who lived with them only washed her hair about four times yearly, but slept with a net over her hair at night. I would imagine that this was quite a common occurrence and that washing our hairs incessantly has an awful lot more to do with successful marketing on the part of the shampoo producers than that of any real need for our hairs to actually be cleaned as often as most of us do, or in my case did.

So as I enter into week four I feel as though the distant light is edging closer and that the tunnel is perhaps not as long as I originally feared.


Reporter Helen Armet

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  1. To paraphrase Queen Elizabeth the First of England – “I wash my hair once a month, whether I need it or not.”
    If it’s good enough for Lizzie One, Ii’s good enough for Helen!

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