Council Leader Delighted with Progress Towards a New Subsea Cable

Orkney Islands Council has welcomed the news that a new subsea cable linking Orkney to Caithness is a step closer to being achieved. Orkney-Caithness Subsea Cable a Step Nearer

Leader of OIC, James Stockan said:

“We’re delighted that SSEN has committed to putting forward this formal needs case.”

Lord Duncan, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Scotland Office, is also positive about the news.

Lord Duncan said:

“This announcement from SSE is a very positive next step to allowing Orkney to fully realise its significant potential in delivering renewable energy to the GB grid. I know that the Western Isles and Shetland will also be heartened by this and will be looking for similar progress as soon as possible.”

James Stockan added:

James Stockan

“As a Council we’ve been lobbying on this issue for ten years, to raise awareness of Orkney’s vast potential and capability as an exporter of renewable energy, and the infrastructure reinforcements needed to realise that potential. The benefits such investment would bring include greater employment opportunities in the county and greener energy supplies for the rest of the UK and greater security of supply for our own electricity needs as a county.

“SSEN’s needs case is another step in the fight for investment in a transmission grid for Orkney, and in building confidence in marine and onshore wind energy projects already based in the county.”

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