Green Hair (4)

Well if my hair takes the longest suggested time to self clean then that’s me at the halfway mark, four weeks whoop whoop whoopity whoop, however I am holding onto the hope that I only have about two weeks left. My hair photo this week should come with an 18 certificate as it looks like something out of The Grudge argh…….

Green hair

Helen Armet

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again thank goodness for ponytails, however I’m not too sure that even a ponytail shall save me this weekend. I am going down to Edinburgh to my Mum’s and there is no way she shall be diplomatic, no doubt even at the age of fifty-two I shall come away with verbally burnt ears, but she has been well warned, there is no way I am giving up now, especially as I’ve discovered I am not doing this alone.

Not long after I started someone on twitter started asking questions of me, the why’s, the how’s and the results and then just announced, “I think I’ll do that too”. Not much more was spoken about until last week when it was suggested that we could no longer use washing our hair as an excuse for not having to do certain things and I realised this person was still persevering.

I don’t know why I was surprised when I discovered it was a man but a man it is so that is me outnumbered now as Kenny (my hubby) is also doing the green hair challenge.

Colin MacPherson is 47 and lives in Straubing, Lower Bavaria in Germany and has just reached the three week mark. Like me he has long hair so is finding it easier to pass it off by wearing it up, he says his work colleagues appear to think he is trying to look more serious by having his hair tied back.

Green hair

Colin MacPherson


He thinks his hair is feeling worse than it looks until he brushes it, then like the rest of us it becomes a grease fest. It’s great to have company, well done Colin.


Kenny, well what’s to be said about Kenny, he is almost at four weeks too (age I think) and I asked if I could put up a photo, here is what he sent me.



Honestly, how can we be serious. Suffice to say there is obviously enough oil in his hair to tease it into such wonderful sculptures.

So there we have it, I’m no longer alone, and as our hair unbrushed feels a bit like straw, I’ve decided that for the remainder of our experiment we shall henceforth be known as The Three Husketeers.

Reporter Helen Armet

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