Green Hair (5)

Well I survived: Survived the visit to my Mum’s that is, not that she was exactly complimentary toward my hair, yuck, disgusting and off your head are the three terms of endearment that spring to my mind, however I did not get the expected, it stinks, you must wash it, or that I was a minger, which it has to be said came as a great relief to me. My Dad however is intrigued and awaits the results with great interest.

For my part, this week has found me rinsing my hair a few times, once to go to Mum’s, once whilst there (to make Mum happy) and also today for the sake of an updated  photo and my goodness whilst not clean yet, today’s hair is the first that I’ve felt comfortable enough to wear my hair semi down, whoop whoop, could this actually be working, well I don’t have too long to wait now to find out the answer to that very question. Fingers crossed, shiny clean hair awaits.

I am most impressed with Colin who has still not succumbed to rinsing his hair and who is now entering into his fifth week,  he says that his hair is much the same as last week and still “manky” but as he has now gone four full weeks without washing he is going to try and managed the full six. He has asked: “Any idea how you’re meant to know when to start washing again” (I hope he means rinsing), so I said I would check with my hair Oracle, whose advice was “I think you have to go by how it feels, I suppose I’d recommend he rinsed it”, advice which I have duly passed on.


Green hair

Colin MacPherson

The Oracle also gave me some other interesting information, that I was to be prepared to occasionally have your hair washed, ie when visiting the hairdresser, I’m lucky as so far Kenny has a straight eye and therefor cuts my hair regularly. Something else she told me which I had never considered before was that hairdressers will use whatever shampoo you choose to take with you so an eco option is an obvious solution to getting your hair washed.

Kenny, yet again what is to be said about Kenny: whilst I was away at Mum’s he decided after five weeks to, in his wisdom put a colour rinse through his hair without actually realising that hair colours have a built in shampoo, arghhhhh………, never mind it is now a lovely shiny, rich dark colour. A watch this space now applies to Kenny’s Green Hair endeavour but boy check out those curls.

Green Hair (5)

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