OIC Wants More Powers Devolved to Orkney

orkney-flagOrkney Islands Council is seeking amendments to the Islands Bill now at Stage 2 in its progress through the Scottish Parliament. OIC feels that the Bill does not devolve enough powers to Orkney.

The Council is proposing amendments on:

  • The further devolution of power by way of secondary legislation.
  • The island proofing of policy and legislation.
  • Incorporating a review mechanism for island proofing decisions.

Leader of the council James Stockan said:

James Stockan“We feel that more empowerment for the islands is needed in the Bill.

“We are moving into uncertain and changing circumstances with Brexit, and none of us know what the future holds. Being able to adapt to future circumstances will be important for us.”

“The amendments should ensure a degree of flexibility, particularly with secondary legislation, to adapt and deliver bespoke local solutions for our communities.”

Two other pieces of current legislation being discussed in the Scottish Parliament are also relevant to the Islands Bill:

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