Green Hair (6)

Doesn’t time fly when your’e having fun, well that’s the theory anyroads and to be fair it really does not feel like it’s been six weeks since I’ve washed my hair, what a shame it is being reaffirmed through appearance, well that’s how I was still feeling on Thursday last week, so after listening to my brother who suggested a boar hair hairbrush, I took the plunge, purchased an eco friendly set which consisted of a scalp stimulator/untangling brush and a boar bristle hair brush Hairbrushes/ Green hairand proceeded to embark on a new brushing regime. Once again I am being reminded of old wives tales, this one being, brushing your hair with vigor, one hundred strokes per night and I honesty think I am starting to see results after only four days.

I think at this stage I shall say, judge for yourselves, not completely there but definitely getting there. Not sure how to cope with the rock chick  look at the age of fifty two but heh nothing venture nothing gained.



It has to be said that I am certainly noticing a difference especially in it’s bounciness and softness as hopefully you can see from the following, has to be said, slightly strange video.


Kenny’s hair it has to be said does not seem to have suffered from it’s inadvertent washing and he definitely seems to have a scalp that is not producing as much sebum as mine, so it has never really had the manky lanky look (lucky him) making it not as easy for him to judge its progress but from an observers perspective it certainly seems to be a lot more manageable than mine.

Green hair

Kenny Armet

Colin decided to take our hair Oracles advice and rinse it, he says it has not made too much of a difference and that his hair is still pretty claggy and after brushing is still oily, he is however over one week behind me so hopefully he can see some progress in mine giving him some added incentive as well as patience, something which by his own admittance he can be short of especially when rushing out to work. Stick with it Colin the end is in sight.

Green hair

Colin MacPherson

Hopefully not long to go now for all of us.


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