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opinionWomen in Orkney are being encouraged to take part in a webinar hosted by Engender. This is part of a series of events they are running across Scotland.

This year, Engender is working to gather the views of people and organisations in Scotland to build a picture of women’s rights in Scotland.

The Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is a human rights framework of the UN which is exclusively devoted to gender equality. It’s often referred to as the ‘women’s bill of rights’, and it spells out women’s right to equality and non-discrimination.

As part of our work gathering views on women’s rights in Scotland for the current CEDAW process, Engender is hosting a series of webinars focused on issues facing specific groups of women.

We know that women in Scotland’s islands face distinct challenges in the realisation of their rights and this online session will be a chance to talk about barriers to equality, as well as hearing about Engender’s work on CEDAW.

We need to know what you think about women’s rights in Scotland. Are they getting better? Worse? Are they changing at all?

Information about the webinar

The webinar is happening online at 6pm on Tuesday 27th March. All participants need to attend is an internet connection and speakers, and ideally a microphone (although you can also type if a microphone is not possible). Sign up to attend, and we will send invitations for joining the webinar beforehand.

Engender’s Communication and Administration Assistant Maxine Blane said:

“CEDAW is so important because it covers sex-based discrimination, gender bias and stereotypes, and recognises that real equality means looking at women’s lives and the condition of their lives as a measure of whether equality has been achieved.

“Engender is working to build a picture of what women think about equality and their rights in Scotland, and we want to ensure that the voices of women in Scotland’s island communities are heard throughout our work on the current CEDAW process.”

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