Hands Off Our Parliament #HOOP

Hoop2The question was asked and people responded, from all over Scotland and further afield they came, united as one to shout, “Hands Off Our Parliament”, “Whose Parliament was the question” “Ours” came the response, the noise was stupendous and the hairs on this reporter’s arms stood erect as the chorus from 3000 voices took hold.

Why had 3000 people gathered at Holyrood on a blustery Friday in March to send a resounding message south to Westminster, your power grab is not welcome here.

In the week where the Continuity bill was passed overwhelmingly in The Scottish Parliament the message of intent was shored up by people of all ages from teenagers to octogenarians they confirmed the fact that people are worried, it’s not just politicians point scoring, people are stating, Westminster your intentions have been rumbled and they are not welcome here.

A full day of speakers and music were scheduled to keep the crowds entertained and informed and just to add to the  carnival atmosphere the sun in Scotland shone helping the glowing smiles on happy faces stay in place.

I spoke to Cliff Serbie who outlined the point of the day’s event.

We were also lucky enough to catch up with Ruth Watson from the campaign group Keep Scotland the Brand who told us about the importance of brand Scotland with her passion clearly on show, apologies for the wind noise at the start but the noise only lasts for a couple of seconds.

The crowds were also treated to a visual delight when a contingent of bikers drove past.

Here is a slide show featuring some of Friday’s highlights.

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  1. Many thanks for reporting on this event, it is outrageous that the Scottish MSM, namely BBC Scotland and I TV in Scotland failed to attend this event, Wasteminster pulling the strings of the puppet news agency’s.
    We will be independent even with all the back stabbing from Wasteminster.
    Soar Alba.

  2. Hehe . You didn’t speak to Dave Llewellyn though I watched you speak to Cliff Serbie though I am sure he will love the fact that he got mistaken for me .

    • I’m Sorry Dave , You just cannot get the staff nowadays. I will correct the article

  3. Lmao.
    Brilliant. I’m the better looking one lmao.
    Brilliant. Yea it me Cliff Serbie you interviewed.
    I am grateful for the press coverage. We the organisers are just every day people who took it upon ourselves to show Scotlands parliament that we want to maintain our voice and hold a stance against Westminster that we are not a bargaining chip or toy to play with.
    We are a sovereign nation and a country that’s proud to be Scotland.
    We do not accept the power grab and people clearly showed this on Friday.
    Again thank you for your coverage.
    A humble Scotsman.

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