Council Airfields in Orkney up for Award

And it Includes London Airport………………………………Eday

London Airport Eday by Len Garson

London Airport Eday by Len Garson

Orkney Islands Council has six island airfields situated on the  islands of Eday, North Ronaldsay, Papa Westray, Sanday, Stronsay, and Westray. They have been shortlisted for a national award.

The Scottish Transport Awards are about recognising excellence in transport, rewarding innovation and progress for transport initiatives which are really working and driving progress.

Entries in the Airport of the Year category had to provide evidence of excellence or significant improvement in overall performance or provision of facilities over the past 12 months.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Glasgow on June 14.

In addition to the essential level of service provided to the north isles, the nomination has recognised the significant work which has taken place over the past year or so with regards to new buildings, garages and other equipment, the provision of modern fire fighting equipment, runway resurfacing and airfield staff training.

Gavin Barr, OIC Director of Development and Infrastructure Services said:

“Orkney Islands Council is in a fairly unique position in operating council-owned airfields. Our airfields team has done a power of work over the last few years and I am delighted to see that hard work rewarded with a place at these prestigious awards.”

Graham Sinclair , Chair of the Council’s Development and Infrastructure Committee commented :

“Last year we celebrated 50 years of council-owned airfields and this shortlisting is a great way to mark that. Our isles residents depend on this lifeline service and are justifiably proud of it, with many in fact employed as airfield attendants.

“I congratulate staff on this fantastic achievement, particularly where you see the size of the airports that we have been selected against.”

 Roy Brannen, Chief Executive, Transport Scotland, said:

London Airport Eday by Len Garson

London Airport Eday by Len Garson

“These Awards are a great opportunity to recognise the contribution by our professionals in improving and enhancing Scotland’s transport networks.”

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  1. I tell you what – when we were waiting for the ‘plane to fly back from North Ronaldsay a coupe of years ago, we had a lot of fun with the people who were there to make sure it all works well – firemen, etc. Some really good exchanges and teasing with a young woman who was there with us, about her having a secret admirer on the island etc. You don’t get that in a big, swanky airport.
    It was all part of the enjoyment of our visit.
    Also – I have a bad back, and, both on the way there and back, they took the trouble to provide a step for me, to help me on and off the ‘plane, and to sit me by the door, which was easiest for me.
    They deserve any award that they get!

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