Green Hair 7

So this is me on the cusp of success with the end in sight and my hair is starting to flow beautiful and shiny………. Well that is what is supposed to be happening  so I shall just need to assume that it was obviously last night’s dream as my hair is worse than ever,

help…..there must be someone out there than can help me, ie how do I get rid of the remaing oil, does it just disappear arghhhhh I can’t give up now, I won’t give up now, no way, no how, no chance not at this late stage so any help out there would be very much appreciated.

If you remember my hair had on its impressive rock chic look last week

so I really was disappointed when I woke up on Tuesday to the realisation that my hair had well and truly oiled up overnight so really not sure where I’m at now. I’ve also discovered that some hair can take longer than others, as long as twelve weeks so back to, a wait and see, a further watch this space moment.

On a positive note I did bump into a lady on Friday who has not washed her hair for…….wait for it…….twenty two years and it looked wonderful, bouncy, curly and full of life and movement and believe you me my bumping into her could not have come at a more opportune moment, seeing her hair really did give me a lift.

Colin says he has nothing much to report, but then goes on to say that he thinks he is noticing an improvement, yeah, a break through for one of us at last.

Green hair

Colin MacPherson

Kenny’s hair does not look any different and he says he is just remaining positive and patient, lucky man. In lieu of a photo taken today he said to just put up this one taken on Friday and look, oooh my hair has some flyaway strands.

Helen Kenny HOOP

Photo taken by W Chapman.


Until next week………….



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