“Dreaming is free” – Blondie.

By Bernie Bell

Daydreaming….what has happened to daydreaming? Folk spend so much time, staring at their ….gadgets!  What has happened to daydreaming?  I day-dream, a lot.  It’s a time, or place, where thoughts can flow into the mind – ideas, decisions. I’m sure, that for some, that’s when their poetry arrives, or prose – or equations!  Daydreaming, I feel, is an important part of human life.  But, where is there a place, or space, for day-dreaming, when folk aren’t prepared to have a moment’s peace or stillness?

Some, still do.

By Jaka Ostrovršnik (Daydreaming)

By Jaka Ostrovršnik (Daydreaming)

I believe that day-dreaming……….settles the mind, allows thoughts, ideas, stories, poetry, images, to flow into the mind; to mix, rise, sink in, clarify, join together to make connections.  All-in-all, a good, helpful thing, for the mind, to do.  Also, sometimes, something which a person has been mulling over, and mulling over, and mulling over, with no solution, can just fall into place, clearly, while that person is day-dreaming.

I see it as a way for the mind to roam and find clarity.

“When you’re troubled, send your mind out on vacation, let it wander like the wild geese, in the west.”  – Robert Plant


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  1. I complete agree. I do it regularly. But I do it as I’m often doing chores. Ironing is great for that mind wandering. As us doing dishes. And being in the shower. I’ve solved so many problems whilst showering. Must be the hot water warming up my brain!

    • Excellent. I’m not sure what to play. Seeing as my repertoire goes from Rabbie Burns to Pink Floyd and Zeppelin, passing through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, you can guide what I play from the 120 song list.

  2. If in doubt – ZEPPELIN! Always Zeppelin.
    Though – the ticket says the previous band are ceilidh – could be interesting.
    The Wonderful Mr Plant has turned to Bluegrass, in recent years, and where did Bluegrass originate?
    I fully intend to enjoy myself, as long as it’s not trad jazz – I can’t stand trad jazz.

    • I’m sharing the evening with Ewan Rorie and Andrew Dennison. They’re doing the Scottish Dancing element. We’re alternating half an hour each for four hours. So you’ve two hours of me. Fiona wants Johnny Cash and I’ve no idea what the rest prefer. I’ve a fair bit of rock. Free, Zeppelin, a few Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Queen, Gary Moore, Kinks, Quo, but lots of classic pop too. Lord knows what I’ll be playing. I’ll do Zeps ‘Rock and Roll’ for you though…

  3. That sounds brilliant! Johnny Cash is fine by me, too – Folsom Prison Blues always goes down well and I bellow along to “ I shot a man in Reno – just watch him diiiiiie!” You have been warned! If you play Zeppelin’s ‘Rock & Roll’ – you’ll make an old woman very happy. The OFA do is always good – very good-natured and the kind of set you mention, sounds like it should go down fine – as a seasoned performer, you’ll know how to ‘read the room’ anyway.
    I’ve just said to Fiona, re. TON, that I hope you’ll write some more of your tales, as I like the stories, and – it’s the way you tell ’em. And that leads me on to………you mention The Kinks? I saw The Kinks, in about….1973/4? We went for my friends birthday do – and sang along – GOOD TIMES! Some years later – many years later – Mike and I were on holiday in Cornwall, and the place we were staying had a resident cat, who we called Lola, because……..it looked v. v. fluffy and pretty, and was a total floozy, but turned out to be male! You’ve got me thinking of so many of the things I like to come across, when out for a dance, and I’m awa’ to put on some glorious music, right now………….

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