Green Hair (8)

Well that’s me successfully reached my goal of going eight weeks without washing my hair, thus allowing my beautiful locks to flow freely and chemical free for ever more. Well at least two out the three of those are accurate, it has been eight weeks and it has gone chemical free, however it is still sitting like an oily lump on top of my head, so as I am not off the Island for another four weeks, I am going back to the beginning again in so far as I am not even going to rinse it for another few weeks to see if this shall make any difference. Patience Helen patience……….

Kenny’s hair I did notice on Saturday was looking really quite shiny so perhaps his has now turned the proverbial corner, (lucky him) and when mine has just gone through the rinse process does dry up quite nice for a little while at least, for which we were both grateful as we were invited to a surprise 50th Birthday celebration on Saturday night, we knew we were to dress for a black tie event which we duly did, only to discover upon arrival that we were there for a surprise Wedding as well as a Birthday, jings it both shocked and delighted me in equal measure, so I can only imagine what the Bride felt like when she turned up expecting her Birthday party. Wow it was beautiful and a credit to the groom who had managed to organise everything without the bride suspecting.

Judging by this photo I think Ken and I scrubbed up quite well but then when your bar has been set as low a some of the monstrosities I’ve posted in the last few weeks then perhaps it was not too difficult.

Green Hair

Helen & Kenny Armet

I have also heard in the last twenty four hours of a new Green Hair attemptee so another watch this space could be in the offing.

Colin has kindly sent an updated photo after having rinsed his hair in water this evening, he says it is still oily but definitely not greasy. Like him I am starting to realise that there is a difference between the two, so we shall just go on brushing the natural oils through our hairs and see what happens when the hair finally reaches the oil saturation point which I am led to believe shall be the turning point. Here are Colin’s two photos, the first from around four weeks ago and the other from this evening. Thank you Colin for the updates.




Oh and by the by, my silver streaks are hardly noticeable at all, argh………

Until Next Week Adios.


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