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Your Kirkwall 7Orkney Islands Council has published its consultation into the proposed plans submitted by Your Kirkwall. The council plans produced in partnership with PAS (Planning Aid Scotland) evolved after a series of public events. Help to Shape Your Kirkwall

The Plan which is in  draft form states:

“This draft plan is ambitious. Not all of it will find favour during the consultation and changes may have to be made. At a time of financial constraint, some of the more expensive options may not attract sufficient funding. However, it is good to consider what residents have proposed and what our professional advisers have suggested, and try to achieve as much as possible from the finalised plan.” (Councillor & Depute Leader of OIC, Leslie Manson)

The Proposals have divided Kirkwall up into zones or focal areas:

  • Town Centre 
  • Town Centre West
  • Peedie Sea and Pickaquoy 
  • Hatston and Seafront 
  • Papdale 
  • Kirkwall South

Also amongst the proposals are ideas around creating a town park at the Peedie Sea. This includes widening the paths, additional structural planting and wildlife islands in the Peedie Sea itself. The area of the Peedie Sea has had a lot of community involvement over the years with the creation of the Skate Park, the Tree Planting project and it is where the Kirkwall Model Yacht Club meet and sail their vessels.

The character and use of Kirkwall would change considerably in some of the focus zones but in others where development has already taken place it would have less of an impact.

Other ideas include a proposed Heritage App which visitors would  purchase and download  prior to coming to Orkney containing information and real time ‘what’s on’.

It is important that not just residents of Kirkwall read the plans and submit their views as the proposals will affect how we all move around and use the town spaces.

The Consultation

It is open till Thursday 17 May 2018.

The questions you can consider when answering are here. Consultation_Questions

The Proposals are here: Scroll down to Draft Kirkwall Urban Design Framework

Email your response to: 

Or post to: The Planning Manager (Development & Marine Planning), Development & Infrastructure, Orkney Islands Council, School Place, Kirkwall, KW15 1NY.

Paper copies are available at OIC customer services and the Orkney Library in Kirkwall and at the Warehouse Buildings in Stromness.

Depute Leader of the council Leslie Manson said:

“Kirkwall is an important location for jobs, recreation, commerce and housing, and a hub for Orkney’s economy and social activities. A successful Kirkwall contributes to a successful Orkney.

“Kirkwall faces many challenges – growing demand for housing, the changing demographic with more older residents, and an increasing number of tourists and visitors.

“It is very important that there is a plan for Kirkwall which guides its development in the short, medium and longer term so that we can protect what we value about it and help to shape how it evolves in a responsible, sustainable and locally distinctive way.

“I would encourage local people to contribute further feedback during the consultation, and I look forward to seeing how the updated version will influence Council plans and decisions over the coming years.”

Your Kirkwall 6


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