Green Hair (10)

So here we are at the double figure mark, 10 weeks in and my goodness what a strange ten weeks it has been. I’ve been backed, encouraged and looked at as though I have horns and believe me if they had seen me on some of the mornings they would have been vindicated.

As those of you following my story within these pages shall know last week I’d kind of reached my limit, it is with this in mind that I’d like to thank everyone who got in touch with me in the last week again to offer encouragement and support but also those looking at my situation pragmatically and reminding me that there is no shame after all these weeks to wash, that I’d had a fair old attempt and that they could not have done the same in my situation, but………..

They do not know my resolve or stubbornness, take your pick as to which suits me best, but I couldn’t give up now, not yet, not after 10 weeks,  and after all I still had one trick left up my sleeve. It was a trick I’d put off using as I really did not fancy using something on my hair with which I would clear drains, after all I’d already taken a leap of faith to go around smelling like a fish supper during the previous week but before I go back to washing, try it I decided I must.

So, armed with my two squeezy bottles last Wednesday, I headed for the shower, what was in my squeezy bottles, well the first which I used for washing the residual oil from my hair contained, one tablespoon of Bicarb of soda topped up with warm water and in my second squeezy bottle to condition, two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar also topped up with warm water and I proceeded to wash and condition my hair.

I realise to some this might sound like cheating and part of me feels like I have, but I really could not find an alternative way to remove the residual oil from my hair and to let you understand why I did not just give up, my hair is around 20 inches long and it was only the top three of four inches that was showing oil, the rest of my hair was beautifully clean looking, so I felt this experiment deserved one last shot and so far it appears to have worked. I have now had almost a week of wearing my hair down again and where I may still feel the need to brush the shine into my hair, it does look clean, perhaps not yet at 100% but certainly up there at 98%.


This is what it looked like last Wednesday it may not be sleet and it may be going schhhh grey but it is definitely a lot cleaner than it has been. This is it yesterday, almost one week later, and only having seen some water still looking clean.

Green Hair

So it may still be a watch this space but at least I now know of a way to clean it every so often when needed but at last and after ten long weeks I do at last feel like I have turned the final corner.

Kenny too feels like he has reached the end of this process as his hair both feels and looks clean, it has certainly not gone through the same oily process as my own (lucky him) but he now has reached the point of realising that there is hair life without shampoo and he states quite categorically that he will never use shampoo again.

Green Hair

Kenny’s curls

Colin who is a full week behind us reports that his hair was still oily after his latest rinse but not nearly as much as before, he is using his boar hair brush to improve the shine and his old brush to remove any tangles, which if my hair is anything to go by won’t be nearly as much as before, so it would appear that he too is seeing that the end of his process may be in sight. He now has the bicarb solution as an option if needed. Thank you Colin for joining in with our experiment, keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

Our new shampoo refuser  has this week said ” Not washing hair is very liberating! It probably helps as it is so short. My head is itching quite a bit less and the roots feel greasy but it actually still looks fluffy. As my house is in total chaos I don’t have a handy mirror so the most I see of it is in the reflection that I get back on my laptop and I don’t think it looks too bad, I would even go so far as to say I think it is thanking me for not stripping it of its natural oils on a daily basis. It feels quite soft! I have lost track of how many days it is but am guessing I must be in week three now.” Now I am no expert here but it definitely looks like having short hair is key here as the following photo shall show, the hair looks fantastic. Three weeks, wow.

Green Hair

I shall of course write up more posts to keep you up to date with any changes from myself and the others as and when we have any developments. Thank you everyone for all the support and advice that we have been given, it has been a strange experiment but one that I would recommend to others that decided to go down the “no poo” route.

Here is a slide show of all our photos from over the last 10 weeks.







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