Unite Scotland: “RBS is Morally Bankrupt”

unite the unionUnite Scotland have described the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Chief Executive as being ‘evasive’ in his responses to questions on 52 bank closures across Scotland.

Ross McEwan, RBS Chief Executive was appearing before the House of Commons Scottish Select Affairs Committee.

Lyn Turner of Unite said:

“Ross McEwan had big questions to answer today but those waiting for a straight answer to a straight question were disappointed. The bank trebled its profits to more than three quarters of a billion pounds in the first three months of this year but is still furiously resisting any block on closing 52 branches. The chief executive today tried to defend the indefensible. His version of the facts is totally different from ours.”

“RBS is the bank which never listens. RBS has abandoned all social responsibility for its customers, communities and staff. It stands accused of an historic betrayal.”

RBS’s 2016/17 annual report showed its top ten senior managers earned £26.5m (up £2m from 2015/16). 83 top executives earned more than £1m in 2016/17.

Lyn Turner continued:

“RBS is axing 52 branches and putting communities across Scotland to the sword in the name of profit. At the same time the senior executives of this state owned institution are wallowing in millions. RBS is morally bankrupt.”


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