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Support with Funeral Planning

forget me notThis is not one of those adverts daytime TV is so fond of showing where Margaret pops in on Bob with a couple of carrots and casually informs him she has taken up his advice by putting money away for her funeral. This is about training which will allow people to access advice from the Citizen Advice Bureau and Third Sector organisations in helping them to plan for their funeral.

Funerals can be hugely expensive and costs can run away with those arranging them when they are also dealing with their own grief. Funeral planning is important but many people are just not sure how to go about it.

The Scottish Government has a funded ‘Planning for Funerals‘ course where Third Sector Organisations can receive training  in how to support people who need this advice.

The Citizens Advice Bureau already has advisors who are fully trained in 80% of their offices.

Angela Constance, Cabinet Secretary for Social Security in the Scottish Government said:

“One of the reasons we funded this training was to enable Citizens Advice Bureaux advisers to provide support to people who wanted to start planning their own funeral or needed help planning a funeral for a loved one.

“For anyone who is struggling to pay for a funeral, their local CAB can help them apply for a Funeral Expenses Payment – a benefit which is due to be devolved and delivered by the Scottish Government from next year.

“We are also continuing to work closely with the funeral industry, local authorities and the third sector to tackle the costs of funerals and have developed our Funeral Costs Plan to help people manage funeral costs.”

For more information: Planning your own funeral

“How strange this fear of death is!

We are never frightened at a sunset.” George MacDonald



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