Poetry Corner: The Diggers Prayer

By Bernie Bell

Here on Orkney, we’re nearing the start of the archaeological digs season.  This year, the Ness of Brodgar Trust have launched a crowdfunder to help to cover the enormous costs involved in carrying out this enormously important excavation. If you would like to help, please follow this link, and see what you think: Ness of Brodgar Crowdfunder 2018

Ness of Brodgar

Ness of Brodgar

And to get folk in the mood for digging, or following the progress of the various digs, here’s a wee poem wot I wrote…………

The Digger’s Prayer

Lord grant that it may not be wet,
Oh, please, Lord, keep it dry.
And may the wind be of the kind,
That gently whispers by.

Let Nick, and Martin, Dan, and Mick,
All be in a good mood.
And let some friendly person,
Turn up with yummy food.

Oh, let me be the one to find,
The ‘find’ that’s Number One,
And let me come back to the Ness,
Each year, ’til digging’s done.


There’s also this: Poetry Corner : Day-Job’s Over

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