Poetry Corner: Thoughts about the drain, discovered at the Ness

As the Archaeological digging season gets set to uncover all those delights we have in Orkney Bernie Bell has sent us in this poem.

Thoughts about the drain, discovered at the Ness

 Ness of Brodgar Dig B Bell  It’s not just Sky-stones,
Carved Balls,
Painted Walls.

It’s the basics of life.

Making, Breaking.
The fragments which can say so much,
To those who pay attention.

Butchery – How?
Placement – Why?
Careful noting of the smallest detail,
Builds the picture.

The beauty, matters.
Beauty, simply, does.

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or
believe to be beautiful.”

The principle, works down the ages.

Beauty, mystery, and…..practicality.


Bernie Bell August 2015

Bernie says: “If you’d like to donate to help this indescribably important excavation to continue,  please go to  http://www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk/crowdfunder2018/  Thank you!

Ness of Brodgar

Ness of Brodgar


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  1. And……………..
    Update on the Ness dig, by Nick Card…………..’Ness of Brodgar, to a ‘T’?’……Orkney Arts Theatre, Kirkwall Grammar School…..Thursday June 21st….7pm. FREE!
    What better way to spend the longest day?

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