Big Guns Go South

Some of the big armaments that were so familiar,  located outside at the Scapa Flow Museum, Lyness are being transported south.

The two anti-aircraft guns will go to the Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum where restoration work will also take place. A third gun is also expected to travel at a later date. The museum intends to put one on display and loan out the other two.

guns on the move - credit Barry Jones (1)

Guns on the move – photo credit Barry Jones

David Reid, the Dumfries museum’s chair and curator said:

“We’re very excited that the guns have started their long journey by sea and road from Orkney.

“As an aviation museum we have a broad range of items on show – everything from engines and aircraft to a World War Two RAF control tower.

“What we were missing was an anti-aircraft gun. So we were delighted to have the opportunity to add these to our collection and arrange for their transport from Orkney.”

“My dad served with the Royal Engineers and Royal Artillery and operated anti-aircraft guns and searchlights throughout the war. So as well as adding greatly to the story we tell about wartime aviation, I am personally delighted that we will be displaying an anti-aircraft gun of the type he’d have known.”

 Jude Callister, team leader at the Scapa Flow Museum said:

“They require maintenance and conservation and this will be carried out in Dumfries.  It means that we can concentrate our efforts and resources on other items in our collection that have closer links with Orkney during the two world wars.”

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