Resilience Documentary Free Screening in Kirkwall

The documentary Resilience is coming back to Orkney; a free screening of which can be seen on Wednesday 27th June in The Pickaquoy Centre at 5pm. This has been covered often by The Orkney News and we are delighted to help highlight Adverse Childhood Experiences  (ACE ) once again.

Below is the information sent to us by Kevin Denvir who is a 70/30 Ambassador for Orkney as part of the 70/30 campaign. The 70/30 campaign aims to reduce child maltreatment by 70% by the year 2030. Ticket reservation is through Eventbrite a link for which is after Kevin’s piece.




Free Public Screening of Resilience Documentary.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get along with everyone while others struggle to get on with anyone? Ever wondered why some people turn to crime crime or why their behaviour gets them into trouble. Why is that excessive drug and alcohol use are more prevalent in those who’ve experienced trauma?

Many of these questions are now being answered through better understanding of brains and the experiences that often contribute to poor choices,impulsive behaviour and poor health.

On Wednesday 27th June, another screening of the acclaimed documentary film Resilience will take place in Pickaquoy Cinema at 5pm followed by a discussion on the big questions that are being asked all around Scotland. As this new understanding begins to filter into services and institutions, a new way of making sense of human behaviour is emerging which can inform our healthcare, education, social services and even contribute positively to businesses and sports coaching!

On the discussion panel so far there will be Matthew Webb,Orkney’s new chief constable and Kirsteen Stewart, designer and business owner, along with at least one local councillor and a representative from OIC.

Nationally the movement behind ACEs continues to build towards a national conference at the SECC Armadillo on 26th September with headline presentation from US Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris (Book – The Deepest Well). The conference titled – !Making Scotland the worlds First Ace Aware Nation aims to drastically improve the health and wellbeing of our country by reducing the impact of ACEs.

I am working with Wavetrust 70/30 and Gail Ross, MSP Caithness to create trauma informed communities in the North Highland and Islands area.

 Thanks to national charity Wavetrust’s 70/30 campaign this local screening will be FREE to attend and tickets can be booked on Eventbrite at

Kevin Denvir

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