Letters:Looking Beyond the Garbage

Dear Orkney News,

envelopeThe rubbish spouted by Trump, Johnson, Farage, Rees-Mogg, May, Fox, et al, reminds me of a story….

A man worked for forty years at a wheelbarrow factory. At the end of every shift he walked out of the front gate pushing a barrow loaded with rubbish. The security guards only ever saw the rubbish and not the barrow….

It gets ever more clear to me that the garbage being spouted by big name politicians and their cheerleaders is designed to make us ignore the wheelbarrow carrying the garbage.

What they really don’t want us to see is that they are on a mission to destroy the concept of peaceful cooperation and human rights which is the true prize we all get from the existence of the European Union. They are not out to destroy the EU because it has failed, they are after it because it has been so successful.

The EU came into being after two catastrophic wars which almost destroyed our continents cultural achievements. Over many centuries the people who rule the British Isles have been more than happy to keep the countries of Europe at each others throats, and the people who are pushing Brexit for all they are worth want to return to that state of affairs, in order to protect their elevated positions and put the rest of us back in our place.

In conclusion, if we don’t stand and fight now for peaceful cooperation and human rights, we will witness a facsimile of the early 20th century unfold before us. And we all know who will profit from that.

Jon Southerington, Orkney

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