Dr Phillipa Whitford MP to Speak in Orkney

The renowned surgeon and politician Dr Phillipa Whitford is to speak at two meetings in Orkney this week highlighting the impact of Brexit on the NHS and the work she has done as a breast cancer specialist in Palestine.

Dr Whitford was elected as the SNP MP for Central Ayrshire in 2015 with 53.2% of the votes and retained her seat in the snap General Election called by Theresa May in 2017.

She is a passionate supporter of the NHS and is deeply concerned about the creeping privatisation of it in England.

You can watch more here: 

You can hear Dr Phillipa Whitford speaking at the following public meetings:

  • The Impact of  Brexit on Health is on Wednesday 1st August at 7.30pm at the St Magnus Centre, Kirkwall.
  • Orkney Friends of Palestine talk on Dr Phillipa Whitford’s work in East Jerusalem and Gaza is on Friday 3rd of August at 7.30pm at the St Magnus Centre, Kirkwall



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