Wheelie Bin Advice From OIC

Information from Orkney Islands Council

wheelie binBins should be presented ‘kerbside’  – this means within 2m of the edge of the public road, and not contained within a bin store.

Bins should also be placed handles facing out, to minimise delays for our collectors, and be ready for collection by 8am, as teams may change their routes week to week for operational reasons.

Darren Richardson, the Council’s Head of Infrastructure and Strategic Projects said:

“In the past we have gone that little bit further to collect refuse and recycling, from private driveways and access tracks, or from bin stores.

“But due to increasing demands on our service, and time constraints while on route, we are tightening up on our policy which asks people to present their bins right to the kerbside.

“When you are collecting hundreds of bins each day, having bins kerbside and handles out really helps us get to everyone we need to.

“If your bin is not kerbside, collection staff will assume it’s not needing emptied and it will be skipped over.

“We’d like to thank everyone in advance for their understanding and help in this matter.”

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  1. In Shetland’s rural areas where they’ve introduced the dreaded ‘Wheelie Bins’ we have been advised by SIC to tether our bins to a post to prevent the wind carrying them off and dumping them in Norway, LOL. On single track rural roads it’s not possible to leave at the roadside as they are likely to create an accident hazard as drivers ‘sight-lines’ will be obstructed. In Shetland we have two wheelie bins and a ‘wee’, cheap and nasty shopping bag for glass which you are expected to cart over a mile to a local recycling point. Given our love of alcohol I thought they’d have given us one super big wheelie for glass and the wee shopping bag for the rest, LOL.

    But seriously as a lot of rural houses are at the end of long un-maintained roads which the collectors will not bring their ‘midden motors’ down and many pensioners are expected to drag them up-hill, as in my case – makes me wonder if they’ve received secret instructions from Wastemonster to kill-off the ageing population????

  2. As a pensioner with a crippling back problem, I have difficulty lifting the green box I am provided with for glass. It is easier for me to put them in the open rectangular sheep lick buckets, which were for a time picked up and emptied, but them they stopped, and left them. Well, sorry, but if you won’t take such a small step to cater for my needs, damned if I’m gonna waste my time separating them out and they now go in with the general rubbish.

    • Well done Katrina. Though we could always get someone to dig us a ‘midden’ like they did in the old days and left an amazing archaeological trove for future generations. If we don’t stand-up to bombastic official idiots they’ll just walk all over us.

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