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Fergus EwingFergus Ewing ,Rural Economy Secretary in the Scottish Government has announced a loan scheme for farmers who wish to opt into it.

Fergus Ewing said:

“Farmers are the backbone of Scotland’s rural economy, and we understand that many of them have really suffered this year due to the unprecedented severe weather experienced in 2018.

“The Scottish Government is of course committed to supporting our farmers, and have responded by taking decisive action to make this extra funding stream available.

“We will be issuing loan offers shortly, providing a much-needed cash injection for those feeling the effects of increased prices for feed and fodder, the impact of restraints on irrigating their land, and in some cases resorting to selling livestock earlier than planned to preserve fodder for breeding stocks.

“I have also asked the Agriculture Weather Advisory Panel to consider what other actions may be helpful in response to the recent dry weather.  The Panel met last week and will be issuing advice, focused on the continuing need for farmers to plan ahead and collaborate effectively across the industry.”


Rural Payments and Services

Adverse Weather Advice to Farmers and Crofters: August 2018

The National Basic Payment Support Scheme (NBPSS) will provide vital financial support for Scottish farmers, following months of adverse weather conditions.

Loan payments are expected to be made to eligible farmers from early October.

Under the new scheme, loans will be offered to eligible farmers for up to 90% of what they are due as part of their Basic Payment Scheme 2018 payments.

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