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On this day in 1040 King Duncan 1st of Scotland died, the manner of his death varies, especially since Shakespeare wrote Macbeth but it is likely he actually died in battle fighting against Macbeth rather than at his hand whilst sleeping.

King Duncan Of Scotland


Seconds thoughts Macbeth

I feel the king’s too good a man to kill,
A humble man whose honoured me with names.
I do not feel I have the right or will,
Besides desire for the crown and fame.
A trusted king of Scotland, Duncan is,
And he believes my loyalty is firm.
No pity would be mine, but only his!
No loyalty in this act I’d confirm!
I do already what a man should do;
Although, my lady pushes me ahead.
But with this type of act, I shant go through.
I’ll tell my love that no blood shall be shed.
Although my goal is to be the new king,
I feel that killing Duncan’s the wrong thing.

By Jackie Katz


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