Poetry Corner: We’re Watching…………..

By Bernie Bell

They’re closing down the Ness again

It’s easier now, than then

We did it all with soil and midden

This stuff’s beyond our ken.


They’re closing down the Ness again

They do it every year

We thought we’d done it for all time

Or something very near.


They’re closing down Ness again

They come from far and near

They’re not that different from us

That much is very clear.


They’re closing down the Ness again

Strange folk, strange clothes, strange speech

And yet what was once known to us

Is not beyond their reach


They’re closing down the Ness again

We watch them working hard

The man in charge, is one of us

A knowing–man named Card


They’ve sealed it off

That is the end

At least for one more year.

We watch, we wait, we hope, we know

Their time to learn, is near.


Bernie Bell 28th August 2018

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Ness of Brodgar Bell


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  1. Bernie Bell, your poem is so beautiful…as you know my wife and I spent Jan & Feb of 2012 on Orkney (Striomness) and then 6 months, May through to Nov.. Every day was the best Thank you for catching up to me, Richard

  2. I meant to tell you. My wife and I have been to the Ness of Brodger many times, and museum and every other place that one could walk, hike, bike and be taken to by kind friends with a car. While in Stromness we stayed at the self catering cottage of Charlotte and Crispin Wirthington, right on the water. What a once in a lifetime experience

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