‘Tis the season, to see Fungi……..

By Bernie Bell ( Name that Fungi – number 1)

A lot of fungi come up in our garden, particularly in the paths in the meadow – maybe the slightly different, more sheltered conditions there, encourages them?  The problem is, we don’t know what most of them are called!

So, I suggested to Fiona (G), that the Orkney News runs a seasonal series,  ‘Name That Fungus’. Starting with this one, which we do know the scientific name of, but which I call Dead Men’s Fingers – you can see why – and asking folk to name them.  Fiona (G)  – she say “Yes!”

There might be some duplicates, as some look different, but are the same.  Weird stuff…fungi.

The  photos are by Mike ( I can’t get down that low, or, if I do, I have a lot of trouble getting up again!) .  Here goes……

fungi 1


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  1. Well, Andy – I’m not on Facebook, so the Facebook page doesn’t apply.
    When I originally took these photos, I sent them to Julian Branscombe, as a local expert, and all round approachable, knowledgeable Natural History person.

    The idea of this series, was …..just for fun ….to get people thinking about it being the time of year to see fungi …..to maybe want to find out what they are and more about them……..just – a seasonal series, fitting in with what’s happening in the world around us. It’s not a serious academic exercise. I’m not saying that the study of fungi is not a serious business, or that fungi are not a serious business – they are – especially if a person doesn’t know what they’re dealing with, and eats them ( more of that, later). But, well, this is just a light-hearted, seasonal series, for TON, to get people looking about them and participating.
    Thanks for the link to the spore print info. – that will be of interest to folk, and that was part of my intent, to get folk stirring themselves to consider fungi – so your response is part of that!
    And…for that matter, I know how much some folk will enjoy giving the answers – so, why not take that approach? It also means a bit of inter-action, between people, rather than lone, individual research. Again – nothing wrong with lone individual research – oh, dear, tying myself in knots here.
    Just a seasonal bit of fun, with an informative slant. That was my intent.
    Take it easy.

  2. While I’m on the subject of inter-action between people…………..I’ve ‘nicked this comment from the Facebook page ( though I’m not signed up to it, I can look at the main page), for all the other non-Facebook dinosaurs……………….

    “Lee Johnson There is a Grassland Fungi Walk on Saturday 6th October for those that are interested in learning more led by County Fungi Recorder Julian Branscombe. ‘Coastal grassland is very under-recorded and it will be interesting to see what turns up – including Slime moulds and Lichens. Opportunity for sea- and birdwatching should fungi fail to materialise, so dress warmly with sturdy footwear, bring binoculars and something to eat/drink. Meet Mull Head car park 10.00am”

    I hope that’s ok, by you, Lee Johnson? Just spreading the word.
    It’s a great walk, Fungal Fiesta, or no Fungal Fiesta!

  3. Yes, the whole point of my reply to your article was to stir up an interest in fungi. It doesn’t have to be serious study or research, of course. But once you stir an interest it needs a little food, or it dies. Being able to put a name to something in nature greatly increases our interest in it (apologies to Simon Barnes for misquoting him). Simple access to experts (via Facebook) makes this a reality. It also allows you to share your findings with other people and can make a real contribution to our knowledge of Orkney’s flora and fauna. There are quite a few instances of complete novices (in a particualr field) finding something new for the county.

  4. I have a Facebook rant. As with many aspects of modern technology ( and I include television), it has a lot of very positive uses/applications, but, to me – just my opinion – Facebook is used in so many negative, actively harmful ways, that I steer clear of it. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but, when all that stuff came out recently, about how the information on Facebook was being used – I wasn’t at all surprised. Yes, it can be a positive in the world, but it can also be a very big negative.
    Going off the subject of fungi, but, here it is….my Facebook rant, as presented when people bring up the subject. You don’t have to read it!

    “Facebook – I’m agin’ it, for so many reasons It’s changing how people inter-act with each other. A few years ago, I thought “What the hell” as the only way to see the pictures from the Blues Fest, was on Facebook (grrrr another reason I’m agin’ it – the more I’m told I can’t do things unless I join something – the more I resist joining it – bolshy little so and so) So, I attempted to join Facebook, just to see the Blues Fest. photos, but, not far into the process, I was presented with a load of people that I might like to ‘friend’ on Facebook! being, pretty much all the folk I know, who are on Facebook. So, somehow, somewhere, some computer, can collate all this information, of who I email and connect with through the Inter-net, and present me with this list of people I know, who are on Facebook. I question that, and also, well, they are the people I already connect with, so why the hell, should I want to connect with them on Facebook? I find this whole aspect of it, questionable, and slightly sinister. I don’t go in for conspiracy theories, but…………it’s not right. Especially when there is now a possibility of the government being able to monitor all that we do on the Internet (something which I’m actively campaigning against). This is how it happens, people join things and take part in things, without questioning, and next thing you know, you have a fascist state, where you have to do what you’re told, and your neighbours start to mysteriously disappear. I’m not joking. Have you seen the film ‘Cabaret’? A film, with very many messages, as well as good music.
    So, Facebook. Not on it, never will be. But will probably continue to have arguments with people about it. One of the recurring arguments, seems to be, that I should be on it, because everyone else is !!!!!!!!??????Eh?! As my dear old, much quoted Mum used to say “Because everyone sticks their hand in the fire, does it mean that you do, too?” Obviously, not!
    I can see the point in having a website, or blog, for folk with something to offer or present to the world, such as art work, c.d.’s, information or whatever, and those are very handy ways of looking up information.
    Also, folk appear to forget that it goes all over the world – what they put on the Internet, can be read by everyone on the Internet – yet they put such personal things on it.
    I’ve heard of ‘people’ ( hesitant to use the word) breaking up with their other half, by text – which is a cowards way out. Apparently, this now happens on Facebook. That’s even worse, as it’s so public. What is wrong with these people?
    Someone has to point out, that we’re heading for 1984, so I’ll keep on doing so.

    This is horrid – but spot on………………………


    Sent from my deep dislike/distrust of Facebook”

    On a more positive note – isn’t that good timing? The Orkney News – ‘Name That Fungus’ series, and there’s a fungal foray walk, on the 6th October – just about as the series will have finished/be finishing? I didn’t know about the fungus walk – I do love a bit of synchronicity.
    And now, the sun is shining, and I’m going to go out and have a small fungal foray of my own. What wonders does the spiral hold today?

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