Hearts of Stone – The Orkney Way

By Bernie Bell

Some years ago, I met with a young lass who was having a lot of problems, due to tension. I gave her Healing, we talked, we e-mailed each other, we worked through things together.  As she was ‘picking up’ and coping better, I felt that I wanted to give her something. She needed something solid in an un-steady world. Something for her to hold on to, something which showed that someone was interested in her wellbeing

You know  all the stone hearts which abound on Orkney beaches? From big ones, to tiny wee ones? I had a really nice one – red sandstone. It had been sitting on the bookshelf in the Healing room for some years – maybe gathering the vibes. I gave her that stone.  Not  because it had been in the Healing room, but because it was just the right stone to give her.

I asked her to hold it when she felt un-settled and ‘shaky’ about things. To think about our talks and to picture me, and hear me asking her to breathe deeply, and go steady.

I haven’t heard from her for some years, but the last I heard of her – she was doing fiiiine.

I’m not always sure that it’s a good thing , for someone to need something to hold onto, but it can be a stepping stone or a bridge between real un-certainty and being able to manage on their own.

Another person I helped through some things, had too much of a dependence on a string of beads – she held them, and jiggled them, constantly – part of what we needed to work on, was her being able to leave those beads alone!

In  Mark Edmonds’ book and exhibitions  https://theorkneynews.scot/2017/07/09/circles-lines-tales-to-tell-and-roads-to-travel/   and    https://theorkneynews.scot/2017/07/24/conversations-with-magic-stones/     Mark proposes that the ancient peoples may have seen the stones they worked with as bringing them good fortune, and  some folk still see stones as being…special, magical, bringing luck, and they also can bring comfort in different ways.

When Mike goes away with his work,  I give him a little heart shaped piece of flint I found on a beach. Before he goes, I charge it up with comfort and love, and, when he’s away and maybe feeling lonesome, he holds onto it, and remembers…………..

I know someone who plays the fiddle – on Orkney, who doesn’t?.  She used to get very nervous before a performance so….I gave her a heart-shaped piece of stone – I don’t know what kind of stone – I got it in the shop at the Eagle Cairn.   https://theorkneynews.scot/2017/05/04/bernie-bell-orkney-walks-with-stories-the-eagle-cairn/         Good provenance!  It’s blue, and  I knew it was just the right one, when I saw it.  I said her to hold the stone before a performance if she was feeling nervous, and to remember  to breathe deeply, and to stay calm, and to even visualize me, looking at her over my spectacles, and…….telling her!  It helped. And she says she still does it. Apparently – performers never lose that nervousness – so – that will be an on-going stony help.

One last one – a few  years ago, a friend had just returned to Orkney, after being away for far longer than she’d meant to be – life had intervened. We went on the Heritage Society trip to Eynhallow.   https://theorkneynews.scot/2017/05/11/bernie-bell-orkney-walks-with-stories-eynhallow-to-canada/  We’d just got off the boat, and were walking along the stony beach, when I saw and picked up a heart-shaped stone, and gave it to her.  This is a slightly larger one, not exactly the ‘portable’ amulet that the others are – but it’s in her house, and the thought is there.

Different levels of help, and different levels of what is needed – but the stones come through for us – every time.

And I don’t believe this to be superstition. It’s ….whatever you want to call it – LIFE , The Universe, Universal Life Force, Reiki – it’s to do with us all being part of one thing  – which is why we can connect – if we let ourselves do so.  All one life, one energy.


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