‘Tis the season to see fungi – the complete set

Suggested identifications

1.white spindles 2.Blackening waxcap 3. parrot wax cap 4.parrot wax cap 5. wax cap 6.wax cap 7. slime mold (mucilago crustacea) 8 ? 9.Fly agaric 10.magic mushroom? 11.? 12. ? 13. ? 14. ? 15.? 16. wax cap? 17. field mushroom 18? 19 Club fungi 20.Club fungus 21.? 22.?

Any help with identifications would be appreciated.

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By Bernie Bell 

(no 9 – Kenny Armet, no 10 Fiona Grahame)


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  1. Holy Moly – that’s a lot of fungus! Yesterdays was another Club Fungus – Clavulinopsis corniculata.

    And….Number 10 may be at the ring of Brodgar, but it ain’t a Magic Mushroom! I can’t identify a lot of them, but I do recognize a Magic Mushroom when I see it – they are a light beige colour, conical shape, with the very recognizable little ‘pimple’, on top. I went to university in 1974, in rural Wales. Mushrooms on toast had a whole other meaning.

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