Meeting Hears of Concerns Over Visual Impact of SSEN’s Transmission Project

Concern grows over the visual impact of the proposals by SSEN for their Orkney  transmission project. 

Over 50 people attended a Public  Meeting held in the Cromarty Hall, St Margaret’s Hope, South Ronaldsay on Saturday 20th of October.

The audience was shown computer model images which had been provided by SSEN showing the proposed trident line and terminal structure on Hoxa Head.

Trident & domestic polesIn the discussion that followed concerns were raised about the double pole trident line on Hoxa as well as the 17m (56ft) 5-pole terminal structure in the middle of the plateau peninsula.

The trident line is on double poles and is between 14-17m(46-56ft) in height, over a third higher than the distribution line on single poles currently in Orkney.

The meeting organisers felt that many people are unaware  of the impact on their environment. The new development bisects the narrow, high Hoxa peninsula and would be visible against the skyline almost everywhere on Hoxa and from the Sand of Wright beach.

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Support at the meeting for an alternative solution was unanimous, with options such as putting the line underground or seeking an alternative marine landfall site also discussed.

Sue Graves, who lives on Hoxa, said:

 “We have families on Hoxa who have worked all their lives, over generations, to keep the area beautiful. It’s a special place from so many aspects: the landscape, wildlife, heritage, archaeology and geology. It has a unique charm and unspoilt, remoteness which we’d like to pass on to future generations.”

Kathleen Hogarth from Keep Hoxa Beautiful public concern group said:

 “We hope many who attended the meeting will have their say and will write to SSEN. We would encourage everyone to find out what is planned for their own areas. SSEN are well aware of all policy and protections but not of the views of the community. SSEN are in a consultation phase and are actively seeking feedback.This is the time to voice your opinion to SSE. Send a letter or email before the end of October.”

SSEN’s deadline for feedback from this round of consultations is 4pm on 2 November.

To have your say write to Lesley Dow,Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks, Inveralmond House, 200 Dunked Road, PERTH, PH1 3AQ or email

For more information, contact the Keep Hoxa Beautiful group through their Facebook page.

All images provided by SSEN


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