Sanday’s Elliot Owen Wins Scholarship to Gordonstoun

ElliotElliot Owen, an 11-year-old P7 pupil at Sanday Junior High School, has been awarded the Neil Wylie Music Scholarship at Gordonstoun School.

Elliot attended the scholarship weekend at Gordonstoun school over the 6th and 7th of October 2018, sitting exams and assessments for the best part of his time there.

Elliot impressed the music teacher, Mr Czenski, with his performance of two Grade 5 piano pieces and two Grade 2 violin pieces.  Elliot was also challenged to improvise a left hand to Ode To Joy in various keys on the piano.

The Headteacher commented in the scholarship award letter:

“Elliot approached all his assessments with a super attitude and he clearly enjoyed all the classroom activities.  He was a very keen member of the group and quietly got on with all the challenges he was faced with.

“Elliot made a very positive impression on all of the staff with his quiet determination to do well. On the basis of these very commendable results (Maths 130, NVR 134 (100 is average) and English B), I am delighted to offer Elliot a place at Gordonstoun School from September 2019.

“In addition I am very pleased to award Elliot the Neil Wylie Music Scholarship.”

[Ed’s note – this article was written by Elliot’s mother who is rightly proud of the achievements of her son ]

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  1. This article is misleading. Elliot was home educated four days a week. The majority of his academic achievements ought to be credited to home education, which saw Elliot gain several diploma’s and core source of educational input.

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