Northern Invasion

The first weekend of November saw enormous battles taking place in Kirkwall between combatants from Orkney and Shetland. There were no casualties recorded as it was all part of a Warhammer event.

Warhammer 10

For those not acquainted with Warhammer it is a miniature table top war game. Different armies and layouts produce a fantasy scenario where battles are won and lost. The figures are assembled and hand painted with great skill. That is an art itself.

Armies have rules (Codex) which say what each figure or weapon can do. The table top landscapes provide an interesting field on which to play.

The Orkney v Shetland event was held in the Orkney Youth Hostel, Kirkwall over Saturday and Sunday. Magic the Gathering card games were also played in an adjoining room.

The Orkney gamers meet every Thursday in St Magnus Centre, Kirkwall, 7 – 10pm. To find out more check out their Facebook page: Orkney Wargames Club.

Warhammer 7

Reporter: Fiona Grahame


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