Music Tuition and Instruments for North Isles – Your Votes are Needed

The Reel Life Foundation is “a charity founded in Autumn 2017 to support and promote  the distinctive musical traditions of Orkney, Scotland.”

Nick Morrison reported on their work for The Orkney News: Instrument Bank Opens at ‘The Reel’

They are now wanting to expand their provision to provide music tuition and instruments to the north isles. To do this they require funds and have applied to the Aviva Community Fund. If you wish to support this cause you need to vote as the project with the most votes will win.

How to Support the Project by Voting

You can find the link here: Voting opens

Click Register to Vote

You can register with your Facebook account or your email.

Different text boxes will appear.

In Funding level select £10,000 and for location type in Orkney.

Images will appear for the projects which have applied. Click on the image for The Reel.

Click on the vote number box

You can share to Facebook and Twitter.

Reel Life poster

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