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On this day in 1977 Concorde flew from London to New York. It seems strange to me that my children will never experience the thrill of seeing this magnificent mechanical supersonic bird in the skies. Concorde’s last flight was on 24 October 2003.



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Farewell to Concorde.

Once again the world of aviation mourns,
Our Icon is gone.
It went so fast, and was so sleek
Many missed a chance to peek
Upon your curves as you touched the sky

Goodbye old Girl, rest in peace
Though you fly no more
We still love you.
You proved your worth for thirty years
You will live on for far more years
You are priceless, I’ll chance to say
Why won’t Airbus simply pay?
We want to see you fly again.
You aren’t a workhorse, but an elegant dame
Get some rest; you’ve done your work

Strong you still might be
If it were not for tragedy.
Both nine eleven and seven twenty-five
Co-contributors to your demise
Ten twenty-four, a dark day
We bid you farewell today
We will survive, with you in our memory
Goodbye old Girl, Rest In Peace.

By Ryan A. Bert
October 24, 2003.

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