An Orkney Otter

Even on a very wet and windy day a walk in Orkney can surprise you if you take your time.

And so it was when out with the dog at Stromness I caught a glimpse of this otter.

otter 1

I only had my phone with me and I didn’t want to stay about too long as I felt I was disturbing it so the footage I shot is very brief.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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  1. Oh, Fiona, what a way to start the day! That just lifts my heart – thank you!
    We keep looking, at the Brig O’ Waithe, but have never managed to see one.

    • Hi Bernie,

      We have a male and at least two females that have a feeding/resting ‘holt’ in the stone armouring in front of our house. Also a week or so ago there was a pod of orcas swimming up our Voe, I was out and my wife didn’t have a camera with her – typical.

      • I’m told that we have the largest population of otters anywhere in the UK. I live by the shore in the Old Manse beside Sullom Kirk and a couple of miles across the Voe from Sullom Voe Terminal (SVT), the Terminal management plays an important part in looking after the otters of Sullom Voe, in fact the now common road sign, ‘Beware Otters Crossing’ owes its origin to a namesake of mine who as the Terminals Environmental Officer designed and first introduced the sign because he had come across a number of dead or injured otters struck by vehicles in the Terminal Area.

        Also it’s said that one of the best places to see otters in Shetland is around the four tanker loading jetty’s swimming among the tankers, so much for nature and wild-life coexisting when managed and rigidly implemented. The drawback is that you can’t just visit you have to get an invite and then be escorted at all times but you can sail in a small boat to within a reasonable distance of the jetty’s especially if unoccupied. When we have visitors we can almost guarantee that they’ll see otters feeding or at play, great in winter watching them making slides snow, ice or just plain gutter (mud).

        Haven’t had a chance to read the link you sent but I’ll get round to it.

  2. I’ve been looking for them there and no sightings so far, i need to go for an early morning walk! I haven’t seen any at the Brig O Waithe since last winter

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