Poetry Corner: A Castle Called Christmas

By Richard Wallace

A Castle Called Christmas

I live in a castle called Christmas.

It’s the happiest castle I know.

My castle is Christmas in summer.

It’s Christmas without any snow.


When it snows on my castle called Christmas

the towers and walls come alive.

We have trees with bright lights at my castle,

they light up the towers and sky.


When it snows my castle is happy.

The earth is so clean and so white.

The stars and the moon watch my castle,

they help it to light up the night.


My castle has rainbows and moonbeams.

They glow in the dark just for fun.

They shine on the walls of my castle,

they light up the rooms one by one.


There is life in my castle called Christmas.

There is life in my home every day.

Birds rest in the trees at my castle,

they rest and then go on their way.


There is welcoming food at my table.

The water is crystal clear pure.

You are welcome to visit my castle,

my castle called Christmas is yours.

Fantasy castle


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