Universal Declaration o Human Richts

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united-nations-311419_960_720On December 10, 1948 the General Assemlie o the Unitit Nations adoptit and proclaimed the Universal Declaration o Human Richts shawn hereablo in its ful text. Efter this historic act the Assemlie cried on aw Member States tae publicise the text o the Declaration and tae gar it be ‘disseminatit, displayed, read and exponed principally in scuils and ither learning institutions, wi nae distinction on grunds o the political status o countries or territours.’


Forsameikle as kenning for the inherent dignity and for the richts, equal and nane-alienable, o  aw members o the human faimily is the foond o freedom, justice and peace in the warld,

Forsameikle as misregaird and contemption for human richts hes resultit in barbour acts that hes scunnert the conscience o mankind, and the advent o a warld whaur aw human sowels enjoys freedom o thocht and speech, and quittance frae dearth and dreid hes been proclaimed the tapmaist aspiration o the commonty,

Forsameikle as it is necessar, gin man be no gart tak recourse tae rebellion as a hinmaist resort conter tirannie and dounhaudenment, that human richts shuld be beildit by the rule o law,

Forsameikle as it is necessar tae gar freendly relations atween nations aye win forrit,

Forsameikle as the peoples o the Unitit Nations hes in the Chairter affirmit aince mair their faith in fundamental human richts, in the dignity and worth o the human person and in the equal richts o men and wemen and hes resolved tae promote social progress and better standarts o life in braider freedom,

Forsameikle as Member States hes gien their hecht tae win, in compluterance wi the Unitit Nations, the promotion o universal tent and respect for human richts and fundamental freedoms,

Forsameikle as a common understaunding o thir richts and freedoms is o the greatest importance for the ful kenning o this hecht, Nou, syne,



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